No animal testing

Extrait du Livre Vert 1994

The brand Yves Rocher was committed early in the fight against animal testing.
In 1989, the brand decided to be a pioneer in the cosmetic industry to stop animal testing for finished products, and replace them with alternative methods.

Keeping this commitment:

        - We do not test on animals, nor our finished products or their ingredients

        - We support research programs on alternative methods to animal testing

        - We do not use raw materials of animal origin, except honey and beeswax

The fight against animal suffering is and will remain a strong commitment in the Yves Rocher brand.

The 14st of November 1992, Yves Rocher receives a gold medal from the S.P.A (French equivalent of the RSPCA). In fact, 10 years before the European agreement, Yves Rocher had already stopped testing on animals. This was a fair reward for the researchers who develloped two laboratory test methods to avoid the unnecessary suffering of animals... By being ahead of the regulation, Yves Rocher proves ,once again, his commitment towards nature and the respect of life.

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