Our Handmade Christmas Ideas
Creating your own Christmas decorations is a great way of adding a personal touch to the festivities.
Here are some crafty ideas to inspire you and help you create your own handmade decorations!
Christmas Wreath

• Branches of pine, eucalyptus and seasonal greenery
• Vanilla pods
• Carnations
• Sprigs of holly
• Cinnamon sticks
• Flexible twigs
• Linen or wire thread
• Ribbon

Create a circle
Entwine the whole of the twigs together to create a circle. Use the thread or wire to keep them bound together.

Tie the decorations together
Using the same thread or wire, assemble some small bouquets of foliage and mixed branches and tie together. Remember to also include your vanilla pods for a more fragrant wreath.

Assemble your wreath
Arrange your bouquets one after the other on your wreath, ensuring they are evenly spaced and pointing in the same direction.
Your handmade Christmas wreath is ready!
Don’t forget to use a pretty ribbon to hang it on your front door or wherever you wish in your home!

Botanical Baubles

• Open glass baubles
• Dried eucalyptus and pine sprigs
• Fine thread

Prepare the sprigs
Cut the eucalyptus and pine into small pieces so that they do not protrude from the baubles.

Decorate the baubles
Places the sprigs of eucalyptus and pine into the baubles, ensuring that no bauble is overloaded.

Decorate your tree
Once you have inserted the pieces of eucalyptus and pine into the baubles you can hang them on your tree. Alternatively, knot the thread to create a garland of botanical baubles that you can use to decorate your home this Christmas!
Botanical Candles

• Empty bottles
• Natural wax candles
• Sprigs of foliage (eucalyptus, pine, olive or rosemary)

Prepare the candle holder
Begin by building up a store of attractive wine or mineral water bottles in various sizes: these will be the elegant holders for your candles. Then buy some natural wax candles and get hold of some sprigs of foliage such as eucalyptus, pine, olive or rosemary.

Assemble the candles and their bases
Fill each bottle with water up to the bottom of the neck and add a sprig of foliage about 10 cm or so in length. Then slip the candle into the bottle neck, pressing down gently, and hey presto - your original botanical candles are all ready for Christmas!