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To feel good
Relaxing eau de toilette
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Les Plaisirs Nature

Orange Blossom Lavender Petitgrain Eau De Toilette

The benefits of a relaxing eau de toilette for a soothed body and mind

Our unique chain of experts since 1959, have chosen and combined essential oils of Orange Blossom, Lavender and Petit Grain in this eau de toilette with relaxing benefits. The unprecedented combination of the soothing fragrance of Orange Blossom and the aromatic notes of Lavender, with the relaxing accents of Petit Grain in counterpoint, envelop you in an exquisite, relaxing caress.

Beauty PromiseThe skin is delicately perfumed, the body and mind are relaxed.

Secret of the BotanicalA selection of essential oils with well-known soothing benefits, Lavender, Petit Grain and Orange Blossom, for a relaxing routine to save for exceptional moments when you really want to pamper yourself with time on your hands...

Lavender Essential Oil Its fresh, aromatic and floral tonalities combine with amber and suave facets. Yves Rocher chose it for its soothing and energizing properties. It brings back tender olfactory memories of peace, harmony and serenity.

Petit Grain essential Oil Fresh, green, vibrant, the Petit Grain disperses its floral tonality for a sparkling and caressing signature with soothing benefits. The young stems are harvested when the fruit is still full and green. Then they are delicately distilled using steam.

Absolute of Orange Blossom water Yves Rocher has chosen Orange Blossom from Morocco that is harvested in spring and summer. It perfumes the clear water basins on patios. When everyone is taking a siesta, its languid freshness brings a delicious calm.

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