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Botanical Slimming Key Defiligne
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Botanical Slimming Key Defiligne

Switch on your slimming program

The slimming mechanism is based on a complex balance between the storage and elimination of fat in fat cells, called adipocytes. Many factors can affect the balance of this mechanism: lack of physical activity, an unbalanced diet, etc. Result: the mechanism becomes unbalanced and locked in place, and fat takes hold.
Yves Rocher Sante Naturelle Laboratory Research developed theBotanical Slimming Key drink, concentrated in Green Tea and capable of acting on the body's slimming mechanism with 2 actions:
- Destocking Action: Green Tea helps in the breakdown of stored fats.
- Draining action: Green Tea facilitates drainage and elimination.

Directions of use:
Dilute the equivalent of one dosage cap (45ml) in a litre of water and consume it all throughout the day.

For your health eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables each day.
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